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Conan O'Brian (vom 13.01.2000)



Interview zu "Dirty Harry II - Calahan" und Clint Eastwood aus den späten 90gern Jahren


Interview on "Dirty Harry II - Magnum Force" and Clint Eastwood in the late 90s years




Schriftliche Interviews in englisch:


Das Interview wurde ca. 1998 geführt


Actors vary widely in their willingness to talk to the press. Some (Al Molinaro and Dick Van Patten spring to mind) are available 24/7 for pithy quotes and amiable conversation. Others (mostly unnamed, as I'm still trying to wheedle interviews out of them) are beyond the reach of media journalists. It's quite understandable: imagine that you're Bob Denver - - would YOU want to answer yet another Gilligan question?

Robert Urich glided somewhere between these extremes. On a face-to-face basis, he was always ready to craft an answer to most any question. His publicity machine, though, had all defense shields locked tight to prevent interview opportunities from occuring.

Since Mr. Urich's appearance as the TV Single Dad Captain in Love Boat: The Next Wave, I had been trying to snag a face-to-face or even a "phoner" with him. Over the years, his publicist would turn down interview requests, fail to return phone calls, or just flat-out fib about Mr. Urich's stage endeavours. I went so far as to offer the publicist free banner space for Mr. Urich's plays if he would just grant a 10-minute interview. No dice.

I figured nothing would change on this front, but my trusty Stepladder to the Stars (the Winchester, Virginia Apple Blossom Festival) broke through the Urich Curtain, as Mr. Urich's daughter had been named Queen of the Festival.

Huzzah! One quick phone call and I had a press pass. I was shepherded into the same church basement where I had conducted my Dan Aykroyd interview.

And there was Bob Urich! Mr. U. was parked in a wingback chair on loan from a local furniture company. His wife, Heather Menzies of the 70's Logan's Run TV-hottie sidekick fame, was hovering near an equally-troubling floral couch. Bob was chatting amiably with the papparatzi, fielding questions about Vega$ and The Rookies that I'm sure he'd heard one-half a bazillion times before.

I stabbed a button on my minidisc recorder, waded into the press line, and...

The Interview Begins

Jim - Mr. Urich, you've just finished a tour with Chicago on stage...

Robert - Mm-hmm, yeah.

Jim - and you've done movies and things. Do you see a return to series television any time soon?

Robert - A return to series television? Well, there was an inquiry just last week about the new Bette Midler show, which I - - they wanted to shoot it in New York City, and I just didn't want to do that. And I'm not ready for another series. I mean, I have fun doing other kinds of things. They've asked me to do Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway again - - and that's something I've been contemplating. Series work is just grueling - it's very hard to do. And I realize that I've cheated myself: there are other things I could have done to fill out the bouquet of my career, you know? So, while there's time left, I want to do different kinds of things.

Heather Menzies-Urich sat down on the couch next to Bob U. She listened to a few more questions, and chimed in on several answers just to speed things along.

The Interview Continues

Jim - More than anyone else in the history of television, you've played a single dad on television four times, in four different series.

Robert - [Laughs] I have?

Jim - Yes. Is -

Heather - It's only so that they could introduce women to the show.

Robert - That's right. It's the only reason.

Jim - That's it, you think?

Robert - That's usually a dramatic ploy to keep it more interesting. Not because - I mean, I don't think we ever did it where it was really to explore the notion of single-parenthood. I mean, today that might be a more-interesting notion. But it's usually about keeping a romantic interest alive.

Robert Urich über Clint Eastwood und seine Rolle in 'Dirty Harry: Calahan'

Robert Urich about Clint Eastwood and his role in 'Dirty Harry: Magnum Force'

Dadurch, dass ich mir die letzten Tage alle "Dirty Harry" Filme wieder angeschaut habe, habe ich auch die Extras genauer betrachtet - und wäre fast vom Stuhl gefallen!!!! Auf dem ersten Film, bekanntlich OHNE Bob, befiunden sich JENE Extras, die inhaltlich eigentlich eher zu "Calahan" gepasst hätten.

Unter anderem sind dort viele Interviews drauf, unter anderem natürlich Bob  Man kann dazu sogar optionale deutsche Untertitel einblenden.  Das Interview ist aus dem Jahre 2001.

Zudem ist auch ein großes Making Of darauf (siehe sep. Thread), wo Bob als Moderator durch die Sendung führt. Alleine durch diese Extras sollte man sich überlegen, sich diese DVD anzuschaffen (davon abgesehen, dass der Film sowieso erstklassig ist)

Bob erzählt in dem Interview, wie er zu seiner Rolle als "Mike Grimes" gecastet wurde, dass er supernervös war und auf dem Weg zum Vorsprechen lief er Regisseur Ted Post und Clint Eastwood über den Weg! Eastwood kam gleich auf ihn zu und begrüßte ihn herzlich mit "Hallo Bob, schön das du da bist"! Bob selbst war total aufgeregt : "Oh mein Gott...das ist Clint Eastwood, der Super-Mega-Star.!" Bob war völligst aus dem Häuschen. Er sagte, dass Clint Eastwood der größte Superstar und einer seiner persönlichen Lieblingsstars war, mit denen er in seiner gesamten Karriere zuzsammengerabeitet hatte und dass Bob unheiemlich stolz darauf war, diese Rolle bekommen zu haben.

Ausserdem schilderte Bob noch eine Szene aus dem Piloitfilm von "Vegas", an die ich mich auch sehr gut erinnere. Gegen Ende des Pilotfilms ging Dan Tanna mit seiner Waffe auf den Gangster zu, der kriechend und flehend auf den Boden lag und um sein Leben winselte. Und Dan ihn ganz böse anstarrte, seine Waffe entlud und auf ihn ansetzte und der Gangster fragte "Wer zum Teufel sind Sie? Was wollen Sie von mir?? Und Dan kniff die Augen zusammen und sagte "Ich bin der der einsame Rächer...ich mach dich fertig. !  Und Bob sagte, dass er sich bei der Szene eben an Dirty Harry erinnert hatte und diese Szene auf eigenem Wunsch so drinhaben wollte. Die Zuschauer und die Macher der Serie waren so begeistert davon, dass man fortan öfters solche Szenen einbaute...und Bob bedankte sich daraufhin bei Clint Eastwood für diese Inspiration

Hier ein paar Screenshots aus dem Interview Ich habe auch die Untertitel dazu mit eingeblendet, damit man die Screnshots besser interpretieren kann.


Because I look at the last few days all the "Dirty Harry" films have again looked at it, I observed the exact extras - and almost fell off my chair!! In the first film, WITHOUT known Bob to befiunden THOSE extras that would actually fit more content on "Magnum Force".

Among other things there are a lot of interviews on it, of course, among other things, to Bob One can even show optional German subtitles. The interview is from 2001.

In addition, a capital is making of it (see separate thread), where Bob performs as a facilitator through the show. Just by these extras should think about, is to create this DVD (ignoring the fact that the film is top notch anyway)

Bob explains in the interview how he was cast in his role as "Mike Grimes" that he was super nervous and on the way he ran into the audition and director Ted Post Clint Eastwood on the way! Eastwood came right up to him and greeted him warmly with "Hi Bob, nice that you're here!" Bob himself was very excited: "Oh my God ... this is Clint Eastwood, the super-mega-star." Bob was total ecstatic. He said that Clint Eastwood was the biggest superstar, and one of his personal favorite stars, with whom he had worked in his entire career and that was Bob very proud to have got this role.

In addition, Bob still portrayed a scene from the Piloitfilm of "Vegas" to which I remember very well. Towards the end of the pilot, Dan Tanna went with his weapon to the gangster who was crawling on the ground and pleading and whining for his life. And Dan quite glaring at him, discharged his weapon at him and ansetzte and gangsters asked "Who the hell are you, what do you want from me? And Dan squinted and said," I am the lone avenger ... I get ready. ! And Bob said that he had remembered the scene just to Dirty Harry and wanted in this scene at his own request Sun The audience and the creators of the series were so enthusiastic that they now frequently such scenes ... and then thanked Bob in Clint Eastwood for this inspiration

Here are a few screenshots from the interview I did with the subtitles to be displayed, so you can interpret the Screenshots better.

Interview from a Convention in Los Angeles (Jefferson Graham)

 Es fand live in L.A. während einer Convention statt. Quanna, der Fan der auch diesen tollen Bericht zu seiner Talkshow geschrieben hat, hat dieses Interview veröffentlicht:


Quelle / source: Quanna (a fan)


Moderator: After starring in the highly successful series "Spenser: For Hire", "Vega$", and dozens of highly rated miniseries, movies for television and feature films, actor Robert Urich is now taking on the Wild West in his new series "The Lazarus Man", set in post-Civil War America. We're now pleased to bring you, live from L.A., actor ROBERT URICH. Good evening, Lazarus Man!

Hi everbody, I'm Jefferson Graham here in Las Vegas with Robert Urich, at the NATPE convention. We're ready for your questions...

Patra: Robert, I watched your different series over the years and wonder why are you now changed from sleuth type roles and going to a Western?

Robert: Ever since Lonesome Dove, I've been thinking about doing another westen. It was actually an important turning point for me, in my creative life. It made me realize that I could hold my own with the likes of Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Angelica Huston and Academy Award winning caliber actors. Also, I've done as many sleuths as a guy needs to do. And the Lazarus Man script was as good of a piece of material as I've read in ten years. Tune in.

Shrew: I just wanted to say "hello"! Of course you wouldn't remember me, but I cut your daughter's and wife's hair several times when you were an Andover. I still have the first tip you gave me!!

Robert: Tip? As in get out of the business? (G) What's your name?

Moderator: In addition to "Spenser: For Hire" and "Vega$", Robert Urich has starred in the series S.W.A.T., Gavilan, Soap, Tabitha, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, American Dreamer, Crossroads, and It Had To Be You. He recently completed work on a remake of the classic film "Captains' Courageous".

Ellhas (Sandra Haslem): What character traits do Lazarus Man, Dan Tanna, & Spenser have in common?

Robert: They all look like Robert Urich. Lazarus and Spenser have more in common, in that they're both educated, thoughtful, introspective, tough, and they both only have one name. Dan Tanna, on the other hand, sort of stands alone as a classic film detective in the vein of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Ladyof 90's: What was your favorite show to do and why?

Robert: It's always an actors job to muster the most enthusiasm for his current project. But I can honestly say that The Lazrus Man is, although the hardest work I've done, the most fun and satisfying.

Moderator: Urich has worked extensively in mini-series and movies for television, receiving both critical and popular acclaim for his work in the Emmy Award-winning "Lonesome Dove", "Amerika" and

"Blind Faith".

Ellhas (Sandra Haslem): Has The Lazarus Man movie been aired yet?

Robert: Lazarus Man debuted last week around the country in various markets, including Tampa, St. Louis, Kansas City, San Francisco, and Phoenix, with enormous ratings. I feel like the Saturn booster rocket has cleared the tower. It will air on TNT Saturdays at 9 p.m. as well, beginning 2/3.

Patra: Did you and Heather and the children enjoy your stay in Boston when you were filming Spenser?

Robert: Very much so, but not enough to make it a permanent residence. After visiting the west on a ski vacation, it became evident to me that my heart was in the west. But we still visit Boston quite often and our children now attend school in the east.

Moderator: Urich is active in natural resource conservation and publishes a series of outdoor books based on the writings of Nash Buckingham. He makes his home in Utah with his wife and two children, Ryan and Emily.

Ellhas (Sandra Haslem): Love watching reruns of Vega$ & Spenser, how do you feel about them being shown?

My son tells me, with Vega$ reruns, I am single-handedly bringing back bellbottoms. Most of these shows are on too late for me to watch.

Patra: What projects are you working on besides your new western?

Robert: Lazarus Man is a 14 hour a day job, 5 days a week, and the other two days a week are spent promoting and launching this new show.

Hoogie: Any chance of a Vega$ reunion?

Robert: I've tried to muster interest in a Vega$ reunion. Our industry, however, has become more and more complicated. And the Vega$ rights are owned by so many people that it might be hard to get them to all agree on producing a Vega$ reunion. But I'm all for it. (Quanna's note: remember folks, this is 1/96, in Robert's last chat w/us, on his site-7-27-97, he told us to write to Stu Bloomberg of ABC, to get the Vega$ reunion on its way. You can see the address' posted on his chat area).

Shrew: What are your children's ages, now?

Robert: My children are teenagers, 15 & 17. Part two: Any advice on surviving the teenage years? (For the parents, that is.)

Lady of 90's: Do you mess around much on the computer and do the on-line stuff?

Robert: This is my first go at the Internet....it seems immediate but somehow a bit impersonal.

Ellhas (Sandra Haslem): When will "Captains Courageous" be aired?

Robert: April 28th on the Family Channel. Preliminary reports are that it's of award winning caliber.

Beppe: I have seen the first episode of Lazarus Man and think that it is an excellent show. Do you think this one will find an audience? It looks like a very rough show to film.

Robert: Preliminary ratings have been excellent. It seems to me that the timing may be right for this kind of show. As we approach the year 2000, I think Americans are yearning to look back to see where we came from, to examine our history. It took courage, determination and pioneer spirit to create this great county. All those same ingredients describe the spirit of the Lazarus Man.

Patra: Is it true you were discovered by Burt Reynolds?

Robert: Yes, Burt Reynolds was the first Hollywood star to introduce me to Hollywood agents and producers. He opened the first door, but a fella's got to be ready to walk through with talent and enthusiasm.

Lady of 90's: Are you married and for how long? Do you find showbiz to be hard on a marriage?

Robert: I've been married for 22 years.

Shrew: In a TV movie that I saw you in recently, did your son play one of your son's in that movie?

Robert: You're referring to "Survive the Savage Sea", filmed on location in Australia around 5 or 6 years ago. You did see Ryan, and he's a grown young man now.

TN1: Robert, first of all, it's wonderful to have you here with us in chat. I was wondering if you ever got to work with Robert B Parker while you worked on Spenser: For Hire. I became a fan of yours due to that show.

Shrew: Are your wife and daughter currently working on any acting projects?

Robert: No, but I hope to see my wife Heather in the final episode of the Lazarus Man. Hopefully five or six years down the line. I'll sweep her off her feet, in the last scene of the last

episode, up onto my saddle, and we'll ride off into the sunset, never to be heard from again.

Robert: I'm here at the NATPE convention, talking to station programming executives who are buying my new show, The Lazarus Man, for their particular markets. The response has been overwhelming.

The ratings thus far have been way above expectations. After our on-line CHAT tonight, I'll have dinner with more executives.

Robert: I spent most of the day taking pictures, doing interviews, the old dog and pony show routine. The strange thing is, I actually enjoy it.

Robert: Vegas has changed so much since we did the series Vega$. Robert De Niro best describes it at the end of his movie Casino. "Used to be, if you walked into a casino more than twice, the pit bossess knew you by your first name. Now, if you win more than $100, some college kid comes up and wants your social security number".

Exquisite: We really enjoyed your show the other night but were wondering if your character will turn out to be a U.S.Marshal or if not, what will he be?

Robert: Stay tuned. It's the mystery of Lazarus. You find out that he was on duty as part of the presidential guard the night President Lincoln was assassinated. Who's after him? Could be Alan Pinkerton, under orders from Secretary of War Stanton. That's all for now.

B491437: Jake Spoon. You were great. Did you enjoy making L.D.?

Robert: Lonesome Dove was one of the most memorable acting experiences of my career and inspired me to want to do more westerns, which in turn, led to The Lazarus Man. We hope to continue in the vein of Lonesome Dove with compelling storytelling, authenticity of detail and great location work.

Frenchtchr: Hi Robert. I'm your second cousin from Pittsburgh. My mom is Helen. Anyways, will you be visiting or performing in the Washington DC area in the future?

Robert: Say hi to Aunt Helen and sorry, have no plans to visit DC soon, but you never know. Almost did a tour of Man of La Mancha last summer.

Lady of 90's: What is your favorite place in the world and why?

Robert: That little spot in Canada in the woods. Joseph Campbell refers to a "sacred spot". Mine happens to be on the banks of a lake in Canada.

ShariG1: Hi, Robert. It's great talking to you. I've enjoyed your work in both Vega$ and (especially) Spenser: For Hire. I know you were asked about a Vega$ reunion, what about another Spenser movie?

Robert: Something magic happens when Avery Brooks and I get together. There's nothing I'd like more than do a few more Spenser movies. Spenser is a classic character and viewers never seem to tire of him. Ratings have always been good, but sometimes Hollywood politics get in the way.

MillyWilly: Saw Lazarus last weekend here in KC and really enjoyed it--so different from the Friends type sitcom so currently popular-and you look GREAT on a horse. Do you own your own and do you ride much?

Robert: I own 6 horses. I'm on a horse most every day. I come home from work, most every day, smelling of pinion smoke, earth, wet sage and horses. Not a bad way to make a living.

Later29: Is filming of the new show difficult?

Robert: I'm thinking about putting a portion of each paycheck away in a dental account. Winds reached 50 mph yesterday in Santa Fe, while filming, so I got a nice sand blasting of the pearly whites. So it's tough, but more like play than anything I've done.

Brickalley: I've grown up with you through the years and through your various tv shows. I think you're absolutely great. Other than talent, to what do you attribute your longevity in this fickle business?

Robert: Persistence, with a generous dose of luck. But mostly, success comes from hard work.

Mr.E: Hi Robert, now that "Hawk" is a big star on "Deep Space Nine", do you have any plans to appear on his show?

Robert: No. No. No. I'd look funny in one of those costumes.

ZappaGod: Robert--Any interest in making the jump to the big screen?

Robert: You obviously didn't see Turk 182!, Ice Pirates and Endangered Species. My biggest career mistake was saying yes to Spenser as a series. I had just completed Turk 182! to rave reviews. Having competed with the likes of Kurt Russell, Tom Berenger and a few others. I should have waited around to see if I couldn't parlay that role into another film role.

MillyWilly: Someone asked before, if you had met Robert B Parker-think I read you did--but what's he REALLY like (Spenserish?).


Robert: Don't really know. He's a private guy, obviously talented, very tough physically, and a lover of life.

Glimmer: Whatever happened to the T-Bird you drove in "Vega$"?

Robert: A lady in Las Vegas bought it. Actually, there were two. Both were sold for a total of $27,000. Kind of a raw deal, insofar as the producers promised me one of them.

Frenchtchr: Did you enjoy doing the dogfood commercials? Was that your dog or just a prop dog?

Robert: No, they're real dogs, not prop dogs. But not necessarily mine. These dogs are professionally trained, have agents and their own motor homes. I have three dogs, and one appeared in an earlier commercial.

Moderator: My wife had a bet with me that they were really your dogs in the commercials. Looks like she owes me five bucks!

MillyWilly: Will most of the episodes for Lazarus be made in New Orleans at the House of Dreams? -- or will you be traveling around the country?

Robert: No, the second episode takes place in New Orleans in a place called the House of Dreams. Each week, Lazarus will move, looking for another clue to his own identity and getting involved with the lives of folks he meets along the way. But we make the show in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Creativefrnd: Are there any actors or actresses that you have looked up to or have had as a mentor over the years?

Robert: I've always admired the work of Jack Nicholson.

Later29: If you were not a great movie actor, what would you be doing in your life now?

Robert: Most likely I would be involved in design of some sort. I have a fascination for architecture. I also find great pleasure in designing gardens and planting.

VixenToo: Pardon me for being ignorant, but what is the premise of the Lazarus Man?

Luckylindy1: Was that dog food commercial just to hold you over until something better came along??

Robert: No. It just happened concurrently with my career. And quite by accident. I was in St. Louis, at the Ralston-Purina test farm, looking for the right food to feed my dogs. You see, I have a professional hunting dog, and my trainer suggested I visit this facility. Later, at the airport, in the executive club, I was explaining to the bartender why he should feed his dog Purina Dog Chow. I had just gotten the low down from the scientist at Ralston. My conversation was overheard by some Ralston executives. And they asked me if I really believed all that bunk about the dog food. I said it's no bunk, it's the best dog food available, and I'm going to feed my dog Purina One. And they said how'd you like to do our commercials? And that's how it happened.

TN1: Robert, was that a stunt man that did the scene where Lazarus Man dug out of the ground, or did you do that?

Robert: I did it. And inhaled a half a pound of Canadian peat moss in the process.

Paique: Hello Mr. Urich. It's great to be able to talk to you on here! I'd like to know if you keep in touch with any of the actors you worked with on "Vega$"?

Robert: I hear from Bart Braverman on occasion, but not very often. I still think of him fondly. Maybe some day we'll get together on a Vega$ reunion show.

Taiba: Love the show--very different from everything else currently on tv. How do you balance the difficulties of a weekly series with spending time with your family? Also, will you adopt me? :-)

Robert: Thanks for noticing the difference. We think its a very unique show too. My wife Heather is with me on location and our children are now old enough to be away at school. But we stay in touch by phone and visit frequently. As for the adoption...four sets of skis fit perfectly on my ski rack. Sorry, no more room.

Glimmer: Who are some of the actress' you have dated?

Robert: I've only dated one actress. I fell in love with her and married her. Her name is Heather Menzies, who played Louisa in The Sound of Music.

Lady of 90's: Is this stop here on Prodigy part of your promotions tour for "The Lazarus Man"?

Robert: Yes.

THX6969: What was your favorite TV western of the 50's and 60's ??

Robert: Hopalong Cassidy. But I also enjoyed Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Sky King.

Moderator: Being in a Western series means a lot to Urich. He loved to play cowboy as a kid! And at age 20, when he found the courage to tell his dad that he was going to be an actor, his father replied "You'll make a fine cowboy, Bob!"

Caeme: Will the Lazarus Man be a continuing quest for the main character's identity or will he some day regain his memory and his life, so the audience can see the whole man?

Robert: Yes, but it may take five or six seasons. He's a very complicated guy with a very colorful past. He's a graduate of West Point, and the son of wealthy tobacco plantation owners in Virginia.

Patra: Since the Lazarus Man takes place post civil war, will it touch on some of the controversial issues that existed during that time?

Robert: I think the historical climate becomes a very important aspect of our show. There was tremendous hatred and resentment for many years after the war, and this will be the backdrop for some of our stories.

Janice26: What ever happened to the SWAT truck ??

Robert: It was purchased by a local baker, and fresh bread is still delivered in that great old truck.

Frenchtchr: What is the worst film or show that you worked in? Is there any one thing that you wish would just disappear and never be seen again?

Robert: The worst film, actually a TV movie, that I ever appeared in, was my first role in a TV movie, entitled "Killdozer." A bulldozer strikes a meteor buried for many years, comes to life and kills all the construction workers. It was my first death scene. I was damn good, but the movie stunk.

Taiba: I am curious to know what you did before you became an actor--ever sit at a desk and stuff envelopes like the rest of us? What other jobs have you had?

Robert: I was an account exec at WGN Radio in Chicago. I called on food brokers, trying to sell them radio time. Boring. I also worked out of college as a construction worker in a steel mill. I still have ringing in my ears from the jackhammer...or is that just the phone.

Mr.E: Hi Robert, I thought you were pretty funny in Ice Pirates, any plans for more comedy in the future?

Robert: With any luck, my new good friends at Castle Rock, the producers of The Lazarus Man, will find a good comedy feature for me to do. I'm still looking for my Sleepless in Seattle or my Heaven Can Wait.

Moderator: A native of Toronto, Ohio, Urich earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in radio and television communications at Florida State University while on a four-year scholarship. He later earned his M.A. in Broadcast Research and Management from Michigan State University.

Talmasca: Do you dye your hair??

Robert: No. Should I?

Wiressally: Robert...I must say you have been my favorite actor since even the "Soap" days. And last year, while you were filming "A horse for Danny", I finally got to meet you. You proved to be the perfect gentleman even behind the camera. Thanks for being YOU!

Mr.E: Who was your most interesting leading lady, Why?

Robert: I've had some good ones. I've taken a bath with Kim Basinger on an episode of Vega$, a shower with Cheryl Ladd in a movie, and a shower with JoBeth Williams in a movie. And Faye Dunaway said I was a "damn fine kisser" in her recent book. If I ever ran for public office, I wouldn't get elected, but I'd run a clean campaign.

Two more questions

Glimmer: What are your favorite casinos in Las Vegas?

For sentimental reasons, it's the Desert Inn, but I sure like the new Mirage.

Moderator: Urich is currently the host of National Geographic: On Assignment. In 1992, he received the Cable ACE Award for outstanding informational host of TBS' National Geographic: Explorer, which he hosted for three years.

Dr.Chandler: Are you ever going back on National Geographic Explorer? You did a great job hosting it. I thought it was neat that you got your son involved with the show. The guy on there now can't hold your jockstrap! (Quanna: some doctor humor, i guess?).

Robert: I'm still under contract to National Geographic to host On Assignment, which airs in syndication around the world. Actually, I talked to the good folks at National Geographic today about hosting a special or two for them in the future.

Moderator: Urich received a 1992 Emmy Award for his narration of the National Geographic Explorer film "U-Boats: Terror On Our Shores".

Mr.Extreme: What Network or Syndicate does The Lazarus Man play on and when?

Robert: Lazarus Man airs in syndication once a week, check your local listings for time and station. Two weeks later, it also airs on TNT Saturdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 11 a.m. Hope you'll all be watching.

Robert: Sorry, I have to go now. I'm so thankful for all the questons tonight. I could do this all night long. But I've got to go promote my new show, "The Lazarus Man." Thanks, and adios.

Moderator: Thanks for the chat, Robert! and thanks to everyone for the great questions. If you missed any part of tonight's event, you can Jump: CHAT TRANSCRIPTS in a few days for a complete transcript....Good night, everyone!


Quelle / source


Medina Journal Register (1979)

Jede Frage dreht sich um seine Beziehung mit Heather. Das Interview ist am 1. Feburar 1979 erschienen, die Fragen stellte ein Kolumnist und Journalist namens Dick Maurice.


Man erfährt sehr private Details. Ich wusste zB zwar das seine Eltern streng katholisch waren, aber dass sie zuerst Schwierigkeiten hatten, die Beziehung (als er noch nicht mit ihr verheiratet war und sie nur so zusammen lebten) ihres Sohnes zu akzeptieren, war mir neu. Auch seine Erfahrungen nach der Scheidung mit seiner ersten Ehefrau Barbara Rucker, waren interessant zu lesen. Der letzte Abteil dreht sich um Bob und Heather's Tour durch Europa (Schottland, England, Frankreich) und ist nicht minder spannend. Rundum ein gelungenes Interview, das jeder Urich-Fan gelesen haben sollte.


Every question is about his relationship with Heather. The interview was published on February 1, 1979, the questions were asked by a columnist and journalist named Dick Maurice.


You get very private details. I knew, for example, that his parents were strictly Catholic, but that they had difficulties first, the relationship (when he was not married to her and they only lived together) her son was new to me. Also his experiences after the divorce with his first wife Barbara Rucker, were interesting to read. The last section is about Bob and Heather's tour of Europe (Scotland, England, France) and is no less exciting. All around a successful interview, which every Urich fan should have read.


Zum Lesen des Interviews jeweils die Textbilder anklicken.

To read the interview, click on the text pictures.